Graduate Division
Technical Considerations
Browsers & Operating Systems
UC Riverside has extensively tested the online graduate application system to ensure its stability and compatibility with a variety of browsers and operating systems. While applicants may choose to access the application with any browser, we can recommend the following browsers as tested and certified to work with Grad SIS:
Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer 10, 9, 8 and 7
Mozilla Firefox
  • Firefox 7 through 25 on Windows
  • Firefox 7 through 25 on Mac OS
  • Safari 3.0/2.0 on Mac OS
Please note that Grad SIS is NOT certified to work with Safari above version 3 on Mac OS X or with Google Chrome. This does not mean that these browsers will not work with Grad SIS, but UC Riverside has not adequately tested these browsers to certify support for them. Users of either browser who have difficulties with using Grad SIS may download the free Firefox browser, which is certified to work with Grad SIS.
Pop-Up Blockers
The online graduate application is an electronic application system, but it also provides for the printing of application forms and data by applicants. PDFs are the ideal document format for printing forms and data, and we provide PDF versions of most documents for applicants to print.
Accessing these PDF documents requires users to disable their pop-up blocker for at least the ucr.edu domain. Directions for disabling pop-up blockers for a number of different browsers can be found below. Applicants who do not wish to disable their pop-up blockers can print the HTML versions of all documents.
Pop-Up Blocker Instructions
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